14 Amazing Benefits Of Bitter Melon

Commonly known as “karela” in the South Asian region, bitter melon is also called bitter gourd. The first thing that will strike your mind obviously is the presence of ‘bitter’ in its name. It actually tastes bitter, but its health benefits are not bitter. Moreover, it is filled with extraordinary beneficiary ingredients for health. Some of them are given below:

1) Improves respiration:

Bitter melon can help you to improve your respiration. It can fight respiration related problems like asthma, cold and cough.

2) Liver tonic:

Bitter melon is rich in choline, which is a liver stimulant and also a protector from liver hemorrhage. The vitamin C present in bitter melon creates a force that protects the liver from being attacked by any kind of infection like jaundice. It also helps to maintain the fluid level of the liver.

3) Improves immune system:

Eating boiled bitter melon everyday can strengthen the protection system of your body to fight against infections.

Bitter melon can provide an enormous amount of antioxidants that can protect our DNA and cells from being damaged by free radicals. It has a magical effect in slowing  the ageing process of the cell. Thus, it improves our immune system.

4) Acne:

Bitter melon can provide you a strong remedy to get rid  of acne. It has very active detoxic properties that can provide you better skin condition. Consuming bitter melon can clear up the colon which will give you a better metabolic system. Acne mainly occurs in our face because of improper drainage of toxins and bad metabolism system. By improving these two sides, bitter melon can help you to  get rid of acne.

5) Diabetes:

The type two diabetes can be fought with bitter melon. The inability of the cells to absorb sugar is the main cause of type two diabetes. Bitter melon helps our cell to intake sugar,which reduces the risk of type two diabetes. On the other hand it is a very useful stimulant that helps the production of the insulin in the pancreas. The regulation level blood sugar and insulin can be effectively maintained by consuming bitter melon regularly.

6) Constipation:

Filled with fiber, manganese and calcium, bitter melon helps the bile salts to get out of the body. The fiber in bitter melon helps to relieve the constipation and diarrhoea. Its essential oil improves digestion and helps to control the action of gastric juices. Their anti inflammatory property helps to ease the gastric juice on food. Eating bitter meloncan help you to improve your digestion system to a better level.

7) Kidney and bladder:

Bitter melon is strong in its diuretic properties. It works in an amazing way to help the metabolic wastes, salts and extra water in getting out of the body smoothly without causing any damage to the kidney. It creates a shield to protect the urinary system from harmful microbial growth and infections.

Thus, it keeps our kidney and bladder in a good condition.

8) Heart disease:

The health of the heart can be kept healthy by consuming bitter melon regularly. It improves the glucose level in our body and reduces the cholesterol level. Cholesterol is very harmful for the health of our heart. Bitter melon is an LDL cholesterol reducer.

9) Prevent cancer:

By preventing the growth of melanoma cells, bitter melon stops the cancer cells from multiplying. It also protects other cells from being intoxicated.

10) Weight loss:

Bitter melon can help to loose our weight by making our metabolism and digestion system better. Calorie control is an important thing for losing weight. Consuming bitter melon can fill up your stomach with giving you an extra portion of the calorie. It will lead to lose some of your weight.

11) Healing:

Bitter melon works as a natural healer. It helps controlling blood flow and can make blood to congealin case you get a cut.

12) Shiny hair:

Make a paste of bitter melon by mixing water and milk with it. Apply it to your hair and then wash it off with lukewarm water. This will get you shiny and soft hair.

13) Dandruff reducer:

Consumption of unhealthy food and being to much exposed to pollution can promote dandruff in your hair. To get rid of dandruff make a paste using the instruction given above and mix it with cumin seeds and then apply it to your hair. Wash of your hair after 10-15 minutes with shampoo and lukewarm water. Using this hair pack will reduce your dandruff within one month. It can also provide you to get rid of dry and itchy scalp and it very much helpful to prevent hair fall.

14) Hangover:

After a long night in a party if you get a bit drunk, then bitter melon can help you to overcome the dizzy feeling of hangover. The detoxing properties present in bitter melon help our blood to remove the effect of alcohol. It also helps the liver to wash up the toxic effects of alcohol properly and gives us a refreshing feeling.