11 Health Benefits Of Carrot Juice

Remember bugs bunny? The famous looney tune character always eating carrot and saying ‘what’s up, doc?’. Well, eating carrots is not all about bugs bunny. Carrot is a fruit which is full with various vitamins and minerals that are very helpful for our health. It has its positive effect on all aspects of our body. Specially, it helps us to improve our visionary health, skin and hair etc. Drinking carrot juice is very helpful for our overall health and here are the reasons for drinking carrot juice regularly.

1) Improves immune system:

Carrot juice is rich in beta carotene, vitamin and potassium in it. As a potent source of beta carotene it contains a large amount of vitamin A. The high amount of vitamin A present in carrot juice can improve our visionary health. Carrot juice increases the production of white cells in our body. White cells are the main resistance system of our body from various harmful bacteria and virus. By increasing the production of white cell in our body, carrot juice helps us to build a better immune system. On the other hand, vitamin A also helps us to maintain our internal organs in a healthy way and it protects them from different kinds of pathogenic organisms.

2) Appetite Booster

You can boost the extraction of digestive juices in your stomach by drinking a glass of carrot milk before having a meal. It will also improve your appetite. The regular intake of carrot juice before taking meal will increase the working ability of your stomach and will help you to digest even better.3) Better eyesight Carrot juice is a proven drink to improve your visionary health. It contains an amazing mixture of beta carotene and lutein. These two things are commonly found in our retina. By enriching the amount of beta carotene and lutein in our retina, carrot juice helps us to improve our vision. Carrot juice also improves our night vision. The liver converts the beta carotene present in beta carotene into vitamin A. After getting into our retina, vitamin A converts to rhodospin which is a necessary compound to improve our night vision.

4) Anti cancer property

Cancer cells are created in our body when they become affected by free radicals and other toxic compounds that they no more can can absorb nutrition and becomes polluted. Carrot juice is very active blood alkalizer and it is also a strong detoxifying agent. Regular consumption of carrot juice provides our cells with enough vitamins and minerals and it also clears the wastes of the cell. It also helps our damaged cell to rebuild. According to a study, the risk of larynx, colon, prostate, cervix and bladder cancer can be reduced to 50% by consuming carrot juice regularly.

5) Constipation:

Constipation occurs in our colon when it lacks live active enzymes and raw fiber. Raw carrots can provide us with sufficient enzymes and raw fiber, which helps to maintain our proper bowel function. Regular drinking of carrot juice mixed with spinach can cure chronic constipation problem.

6) Fat Crusher

Cholesterol is a very harmful component for our heart health. Carrot juice is enriched in potassium that can reduce the level of cholesterol in our heart. It also drains out the harmful fats and bile of our body. Thus, it helps to keep our heart healthy and well.

7) Weight loss:

As a strong detoxifying agent, carrot juice helps our body to get rid of the digestive wastage properly. While purifying the liver, it also maintains the balance in the endocrine system. This will help you to remove fat from your body and reduce obesity.

8) Lactation:

Vitamin A is very much beneficiary for fetal growth. Packed with vitamin A, carrot juice can provide the women a better cell functionary system when they are pregnant. Again vitamin A is also necessary to improve the quality of breast milk. It ensures the quality of breast milk that can help the newborn children from being affected by viral infections. So drinking carrot juice can provide aid to the health of pregnant or nursing women.

9) Metabolism enhancer:

Carrot juice is filled with vitamin B complex that helps our body to break glucose, fat and protein. By doing this it helps in strengthening muscle, boost out our metabolism and leads us to lose unnecessary weight.

10) Anti-aging:

Beta carotene and vitamin A present in carrot juice helps to slow down the damage of cells. It leads us to slow down the ageing process of our body. By improving the number of collagen in our skin, it helps tomaintain the elasticity of the skin. It also diminishes the signs of aging from our skin like wrinkles and sagging.

11) Skin benefits:

The dryness of our skin can be cured by consuming carrot juice regularly as it contains a large amount of potassium. The detoxifying properties of carrot juice will help you to keep your skin clean. Thus, it will help you to prevent acne. Beta carotene can also protect your skin from being damaged by harmful UV rays.