10 Home Remedies for Cracked Heels to Get Rid Fast

Believe it or not, you can treat common health conditions with products or items that you keep in your home. You don’t always need any expensive products or medications to heal yourself. One common condition is dry skin. Many people suffer from dry lips, hands, legs, or even feet. Cracked heels are very common due to numerous causes such as winter weather, poor circulation, wearing shoes that don’t fit properly, and ultimately being on your feet for a significant amount of time. You can use some home remedies to get rid of cracked heels.

Here are ten home remedies for cracked heels.

1. Make sure your shoes fit!

A shoe that is too small or big for you can cause your feet to get dry. The best thing for you to do is to make sure that you are wearing the right size in shoes. If you are not sure what your size is, then you can visit your local shoe store; they can measure your feet and tell you your exact size.

2. Drink plenty of water!

Experiencing dryness any part of the body may indicate dehydration. So it’s important that you drink plenty of water. It’s recommended that you drink at least 8 (8 fl. Oz) glasses of water each day. No, soft drinks or artificial juices don’t count; just plain water.

3. Soak your feet

It’s crucial that you soak your feet several times per week. All you need is a good bucket filled with body temperature water along with some Epsom salt. If you don’t have any Epsom salt you add milk and oats to the water. You will be surprised how it will soften your heels.

4. Wear socks

When it is summer it is hot and humid; the humidity prevents dryness. However, the Winter weather can be harsh to your feet. Therefore, you should wear snug fitting socks at night to keep your feet nice and warm.

5. Take Vitamin A

Vitamin A is very good for your skin, hair, eyes. By adding Vitamin A to your diet you can prevent dry skin and eventually get rid of cracked heels. It is recommended that you try to get at least 600 micrograms of vitamin A daily. You can take vitamin A as an over the counter supplement or you can eat vitamin A rich foods such as broccoli, spinach, carrots, sweet Potatoes, or any dark green leafy vegetables. There is also a vitamin A & D ointment you can apply to your cracked heels.

6. Improve your circulation

Poor circulation can contribute greatly to dry feet. You can improve circulation to your feet with regular exercise. Also, you should wear diabetic socks; diabetic socks are made for diabetics because they tend to have poor circulation. Diabetic socks are made to be loose fitting but snug to promote better circulation. You don’t need to have diabetes to wear diabetic socks.

7. Scrape your feet after bathing

Because your feet are wet and moist, the best time to scrape the dry skin off of your feet is after you take a bath. You can use a calluses remover or a pumice stone to remove the dry skin from under your feet. After you scrape the dry skin, you can apply lotion to your feet.

8. Oil

Using essential oils can be one of the best home remedies for cracked heels. You not only do you have to keep your feet moist, but you also have to keep them oiled up. You should regularly apply lotion to your feet. Also, you can apply olive oil or coconut oil to your feet every night; these oils will keep your feet moist. It is advised that you put on socks after you apply any lotions or oils to your feet.

9. Use an exfoliating scrub

With an exfoliating scrub you can scrub away all of the dead skin that attributes to dry skin making your skin nice and smooth. You can buy an exfoliating scrub from your local drug store or any retailer. You can exfoliate before or after you bathe. But, you still have to rinse the exfoliate from your feet.

10. Apply Petroleum Jelly to the area

You might know petroleum jelly by its well known brand name Vaseline. Many dermatologists recommend that you apply petroleum jelly to your skin after you bathe to seal in the moisture and keep your skin soft and silky. Before you apply the petroleum jelly you should thoroughly dry your skin.